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Over the years, women have had a big hand in the success and growth of VVDN Technologies in various roles. Whether be our SMT Lines, Product Assembly Lines, Engineering and Design teams, Testing and Tuning teams, or our leadership, women have always been at the forefront. At VVDN, we believe women have played a central role in ensuring stability, progress and long term development of our company. VVDN gives its women employees the upliftment, support, freedom to express themselves and equal opportunities to become economically & socially successful. The women employees are the pride of VVDN Technologies.

Women in Manufacturing

VVDN Technologies, a company where Women Power Matter. We aim to build an inclusive company which is rich and diversified with women, especially women operators who are trained to manufacture next generation products. Whether it is working on SMT Machines or doing product assemblies, Camera tuning, RF Calibrations, our young girls show power, strength and intelligence. Manufacturing was predominantly considered to be a Man’s job. But these young women are changing that mindset and breaking these stereotypes everyday. At VVDN we provide a safe, clean, and high tech environment with opportunities for everyone. Women in Manufacturing are our SUPERHEROES

Women in Technology

VVDN Technologies empowers women to excel in designing and engineering. We do this by providing women the opportunities to work and create Next Gen solutions in the field of technology. From Embedded Software and System Engineering to Product Development and conceptual Mechanical Design, Women at VVDN get the opportunities to become leaders in the Industry. These women are some of the most creative and brilliant minds working in Domains like 5G, WiFi, IoT, Vision, and Cloud & Apps.

Women in Leadership

It is a known fact that Women make great leaders. Here at VVDN Technologies, Women get the opportunities to lead teams and function as role models. At VVDN, from Program Management to Finance, Business development to Marketing, we have some of the most inspirational women in leadership roles setting new benchmarks everyday. Our women in leadership possess essential qualities required to lead which include the ability to collaborate, connect, empathize and communicate. For women leaders at VVDN, leadership is not meant only for accomplishing organizational goals but for transforming their followers into better people. VVDN takes pride in giving opportunities to women to grow and lead by example.